Drawbot is an open source drawing system and autonomous robot invented by Jonah Brucker-Cohen in 1999 that anyone can build without having to learn electronics. It is a simple robot that mixes standard drawing materials such as paint bruises or magic markers with weighted motors and plastic cups. When the cups vibrate, they draw circles and lines depending on their overall weight and power.

The project is both an artwork and a learning tool in “physical programming” where changing the weight distribution inside the cups alters the drawing motion of the robots to create different outcomes.

Drawbots have been shown in 14 countries, on 5 continents since 2003.

The  Drawbot consists of cheap materials. The concept stems from a project I did in elementary school with simple parts and battery power.

The Motto For Drawbots: If you can create something compelling with simple means, then you have more justification to use complicated means.

The Drawbots system is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
If you are interested in using Drawbots in an educational setting, please contact me directly first.

Creative Commons License